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Lily’s Story

Born in London on 31st March 1983, to new parents Nicola and Michael, Lily was a magical 30th birthday present for her Mother. Often seen around South Ken in the latest OshKosh B’Gosh outfit with her denim dungaree wearing Father and highly fashionable Mother. Part of the cool crowd! Soon joined by beloved sisters Flossie in 1985 and Rose in 1987 to complete the loving family, which led to a move West towards Marlborough. Ponies and country walks followed, with an idyllic childhood spent enjoying everything that came with the freedom of exploring woodland, streams and nearby fields, before being called home for supper by the ring of her Mother’s bell.

Primary education was at St Francis School, followed by a short, but happy, spell at Dauntsey’s School.

Teenage years were occupied by Monkton Combe School, where lessons were skipped, boyfriends came and went and lifelong friendships were made. The whole school knew of the legendary Castle BBQs, where Nicola and Michael made their home open to all and the formality of school was rebelled against!

Post sixth form, and a short-lived stint as an Interior Design scholar at Staffordshire University, Lily spent a year delving into the working world of telecoms and catching the entrepreneurial bug, whilst flying round country lanes in her much loved red Fiat Barchetta.

In 2002, Lily’s newly found interest in business and finance took her to Nottingham Trent University, where Flossie would eventually follow her. On day one she met and began dating her future husband, Mark. A devastating period of illness suspended her studies when she developed Guillain-Barre Syndrome, an atrocious nerve condition, which took her to the high dependency unit of Queens Medical Centre, Nottingham, and a period on a ventilator, before transferring to Bath Hospital to recover.This included a requirement to relearn how to walk. And recover she did with amazing tenacity and determination, which she went onto display throughout her life.

2003 saw her restart her course, and embrace university life, preferring a glass of champagne, a cocktail and gourmet food, over the usual student fare. Lily jumped into work before the conclusion of her degree and she was rapidly promoted to running the accounts team of a successful employment agency, where she was much loved and valued by her colleagues.

As a side project during this period, Lily started making and selling hand-painted greetings cards through a local art gallery and at craft shows. The success of this venture led her to experiment with freshwater pearl jewellery that she sourced from trips to the Far East and stays with her Aunt Francesca.

Moving to Suffolk with Mark in 2006, she immediately located and refurbished a run-down letting agents in Bury St Edmunds, turning it into a beautiful emporium of jewellery and giftware. Profitable from day one, she developed an amazingly loyal following, achieving regular press coverage and winning multiple awards.

Engagement during a holiday in Hong Kong in 2007 was followed by a wedding at her parents’ home in 2008, surrounded by family and friends. She was the most beautiful bride that you could ever imagine and the wedding day, which she organised herself, ran like clockwork. Ten glorious days in the Maldives followed.

After a number of years of business success, amazing far-flung holidays and fun times, James arrived in the summer of 2012 and Lily became the most devoted and loving mother. James thrived and they developed a bond like no other.

A move to ‘the sticks’ in 2015 (well, three miles up the road) commenced a period of home improvements, designed and project managed by Lily, and endless joy.

Ben arrived in the winter of 2016 and completed the family, which was more in love than ever. Lily was the perfect mother, wife, sister, daughter, niece, aunt, godmother to Ana Sofia and Zachy, friend and a caring guide to many by displaying her wisdom, intelligence, willingness to help and share, empathy and selflessness. Everybody that she met adored her. She lit up every room and that laugh, oh, that laugh.

The home improvements continued, alongside regular trips to the beach, wonderful holidays and many fun evenings and weekends with family and friends.

A fitness drive commenced in 2018, which saw her feel healthier than ever, was sadly interrupted by the diagnosis of advanced aggressive breast cancer on Valentine’s Day of 2019.

Lily embraced her treatment, studying it in detail and wanting to know every detail of test results, new medications and possible side effects. Her positivity, determination and ability to rock a head scarf ensured that she was remembered by everybody that she met. She truly made a mark. She shared her story far and wide, counselling other cancer patients via social media groups and on a personal basis. Women were sent to her for guidance, a warm embrace and encouragement that they could take ownership of their disease.Throughout this challenging period, she remained an amazing Mummy and wife, as well as all other roles that she had, not allowing cancer or the terrible side effects to slow her down.

Sadly her cancer spread to the skin in March 2020 and her lungs three months later.

Lily spent her final weeks cherishing the calmness of Ickworth’s Fairy Lake, sipping champagne in the sunshine, dancing on the beaches of Norfolk and splashing in the seasides of Suffolk with her darling boys, who she was so proud of.

Lily died at St Nicholas Hospice on the morning of 7th August 2020, with Mark, Flossie and Rose by her bedside.

The most incredible person. An inspiration to all. Somebody that will never, ever be forgotten. She will leave her mark on us all and we shall endeavour to continue her legacy of beauty, love, kindness, generosity and joy.

Lily Daly's Funeral

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the service on Wednesday 26th August 2020 was limited to close family only. Lily’s family were very grateful by the friends that congregated on the Horringer Village Green to pay their respects as Lily passed by on the way to West Suffolk Crematorium. 

The service was also live streamed and remains available to watch:

Username: Duse8695

Password: 474208


Lily's cortege from her home can be found here -

and her beautiful Order Of Service here -




Donations in lieu of flowers to Coppafeel, a breast cancer awareness charity that is working hard to encourage early detection in order to avoid this terrible disease taking the life of more women like Lily.


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Donations in lieu of flowers to Coppafeel, a breast cancer awareness charity that is working hard to encourage early detection in order to avoid this terrible disease taking the life of more women like Lily.

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